Finger-Friendly Friends

Finger-Friendly Friends

Are you tired of the built-in archaic contact manager in your Windows Mobile? Tired of pulling out your stylus for searching contacts?

Goodbye Contacts. Hello Friends.


FFF is a finger-friendly contact manager designed for Windows Mobile cellphones. It's designed to let the user find contacts quicky without having to use the stylus and make a call, initiate a new SMS, or other tasks.


  • Blazingly fast contact lookup
  • Features the new ground-breaking DRMWY-Touch (Doesn't Really Matter Where You Touch) keyboard. There is no need to press specific buttons on the keyboard to search for the contacts. Just touch the screen, and FFF automaticly matches all contacts in the touch zone under your finger!
  • Send your position to your contacts using the device's GPS. The position is sent as a user-friendly Google Maps link in either SMS or e-mail (requires a built-in GPS).
  • Fast startup, low memory footprint